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    Application of hard alloy drill grinding and coating technology

    Source:本站  The time of publication:2014/12/8 16:13:23

    At present the workshop processed products for HOWO passive bevel gear, is provided with a through hole 16 & 17, the material is SAE8822H. The product raw material hardness in HB165-190, because the Ni element contains a certain components, resulting in greater viscosity. According to the characteristics of the workpiece, selecting the appropriate bit, optimization of cutting parameters, improve the processing efficiency has become a pressing matter of the moment.
    Select the bit material
    According to the processing characteristics of materials, the requirement has the following characteristics: drill bit hardness must be greater than the processed workpiece hardness; the bit is under a lot of torsion and axial force on the workpiece, therefore must have sufficient strength and toughness; the processed material toughness is good, the cutting blade when be sharp enough, so the cutting tool material must have sufficient wear resistance ability, so as to reduce the hardening of the workpiece; because the chemical properties must be high, therefore requires the cutting tool material and titanium alloy affinity to difference, in order to avoid travel diffusion caused stick knives, the phenomenon of broken drill.
    At present, suitable for kinds of tool material is extremely many, including tool steel, hard alloy, super hard materials.
    At first, try to use the ordinary high-speed steel drill coating test, ordinary high-speed steel drill bits and low price, when the use of coating technology, can significantly reduce the friction coefficient of the cutting tool and the workpiece, increase tool life. But the machine speed is higher, the use of the drill bit broken strength is not enough, resulting in the processing process, the effect is not ideal.
    Cemented carbide tool material is a newly developed, the coarse and fine processing is suitable for most materials, including steel, cast iron, special materials and plastic. To this end, decided to adopt the whole hard alloy bit.
    To determine the drill grinding parameters
    The main auxiliary plane 1 twist drill
    Several main auxiliary plane twist drill is the basal plane, the cutting plane, profile and column section.
    If we do not consider the auxiliary motion, surface of arbitrary point on the cutting edge of twist drill master, because the architecture characteristics of twist drill, drill bit main cutting edge on the base of each point change.
    The cutting plane at any point on the main cutting edge, is the point of cutting speed and cutting direction in plane surface of the point processing. The cutting plane and the base vertically, and the master of each point on the cutting edge of the cutting plane are not the same. The column profile of arbitrary point on the main cutting edge is a cylindrical surface by this point and to drill center line to the center line and do, column section on the main cutting edge is different with different radius of cylindrical surface.


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