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    Multi edge Hemp flowers drill standardization and industrialization

    Source:本站  The time of publication:2014/12/8 16:15:43

    In the field of modern metal cutting tool, people focused on the basic topic of indexable carbide coating tool, CBN tool, ceramic cutting tools and so on. However, a reality that can not be ignored is: production, sales of high-speed steel drill Chinese Hemp flowers in a sharp increase in Chinese machine processing industry, the largest amount of Hemp flowers or high-speed steel drill, there are huge civil Hemp flowers (drilling market for electric drill, drill etc.). It has been used for hundreds of years, high-speed steel Hemp flowers recently neglected drill should still belong to the category of modern metal cutting tool.
    According to the scope of the use of high speed steel Hemp flowers drill and its defects, the company I worked out a plan, a comprehensive innovation to multi edge Hemp flowers instead of a standard Hemp flowers drill drill which comprises: 1, Hemp flowers drilling production technology innovation; 2, Hemp flowers drill structure, groove type innovation; 3, multi edge Hemp flowers drilling standards and industrialization.
    The company to realize the multi edge Hemp flowers drilling standardization and industrialization as the primary goal, structure, groove type pilot drives the Hemp flowers drill of innovation and innovative production technology to the market as the.
    "Ni Zhifu drill origin multi edge bit" in the fifty's invention, later renamed the group drill. The principle is the standard Hemp flowers drill grinding, the formation of "drill type three sharp seven blade", to improve the drilling performance, and prolong the service life of drill bit. After years of research and development, the group drill drill type has a more systematic development and improvement, in 1967 the stereotypes of the drilling group as the representative, it Hemp flowers compared with standard drill, has three advantages:
    Drilling cutting axial resistance decreases, about 40%, so the high drilling efficiency, long service life of drill cutting, compared with the standard Hemp flowers drill, the general can improve the cutting life of 3~5 times;
    2, excellent centering, chip, chip removal performance, the drilling smoothness, accuracy is better than the standard Hemp flowers drill;
    3, there are a variety of drill type, coarse divided into more than a dozen categories, subdivision dozens of, are respectively used for drilling, drilling of carbon steel sheet, cast iron, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, brass, copper - - - a multitude of names, the use performance is far better than the standard Hemp flowers drill;
    But "drilling group" third advantages also contains its defects, namely drill type variety suitable scope for each type of drill narrow, or bad universality. Add group drill point grinding is the establishment of skilled workers in skill basis, using manual grinding angle a multitude of names, complex drilling group. The above are seriously restricted the group drill large-scale promotion and application.
    Group drill another major contribution is to provide a theoretical basis and practical experience of the principles of innovation for high-speed steel drill Hemp flowers. Hainan Gaochao drill bit Co. Ltd. on the basis of group drilling principle, was carried out to study the multi edge Hemp flowers drill standard drill type. In our ideal standard drill type should have the following characteristics:
    1), the cutting resistance than the group drill further reduce;
    2), suitable for drilling various materials such as: carbon steel, common stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum alloy...... And so on;
    3), which is not only suitable for drilling sheet, but also for drilling;
    4), especially for use in electric drill;
    5), which is suitable for large-scale industrial production;
    To this end, we take 67 type basic drilling group based on group six, drill grinding parameters (diameter 15mm below) made the following improvements:
    Table 1 below Phi 15mm "multi edge bit" (QB-2003 standard) parameters improved contrast table
    Improvement of drill point grinding parameters for the following purposes:
    1, the transverse edge is further shortened, inner angle of cutting edge is increased, so that the drilling resistance than the group drill further reduced;
    The outer edge of the blade 2, an angle of 135 degrees is not only suitable for the drilling of a variety of metal materials, and is suitable for drilling sheet, this is the general view are suitable for various conditions;
    3, the outer edge of the blade angle of 135 degrees with the edge of the blade angle less than 118 degrees, so that the centering and chip performance can be further improved, the application in the parabolic trough deep hole drilling, chip multi blade awl type chip removal performance is better than the commonly used cross grinding drill type, thus it is suitable for deep hole drilling;
    4, the inner blade angle increased from 25 degrees to 40 degrees (cross grinding inner edge angle is 48 DEG), so that the drill drill is better than the type 67 group, the centering performance is better than the cross grinding drill. The drill point geometry is like a four pyramid, performance is like a "punching";
    5, drill high by 0.03d~0.04d height of 0.08d~0.08d, the bit in the rough surface can be accurately centering on a hand electric drill when in use, the advantages are more obvious. The provisions of the export inspection standard products of the company: the head clamped on a drill, drill in the stainless steel surface smooth, drill axis and workpiece plane into 80 degree angle (90 degrees from the vertical state of tilting 10 degrees), boot, drill point does not move in the same place, the workpiece surface presents a "punching" eyes, as qualified. The reason that meet the above criteria, is by reducing inside forward angle, shorten the transverse edge, heightening the three parameters of drill the improved results, it more than any other drill in the use of performance on the drill.
    6, the inner blade sharp angle by -10 degrees increase were +5 ~ - 5 degrees (usually 0 degrees), the inner blades cutting resistance to further reduce the drill. Strengthening the comprehensive edge grinding depth of grinding chisel method, the inner blades cutting can be discharged smoothly, it is the advantages of the standard multi edge twist drill the eye is not easy to see.
    The company has according to the parameters of the improved formulate corresponding enterprise standard QB-2003, production standard multi edge bit. The users at home and abroad use standard twist it is better than the overall performance index in all aspects has been used for 100 years of drilling, and the comprehensive performance is also better than that of 67 type multifacet drills.
    1, suitable for drilling various common metal, such as: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy and cast iron etc.,

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