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    Domestic hand tool exports are to occupy a greater market space

    Source:本站  The time of publication:2014/12/8 16:16:54

    According to customs statistics, in 2011 the hardware tool exports amounted to $10606000000, a year-on-year increase of 26.7%. among them, small electric tools for $2614000000, an increase of 22.3%; saw product of $1212000000, an increase of 24.9%; gage for $897000000, an increase of 50%; garden tools for $563000000, an increase of 16.8%; pliers type 608000000 dollars, an increase of 28.3%; wrench for $607000000, an increase of 24.1%; tool set for $431000000, an increase of 15.9%.
    In the product imports, imports of the year was $5166000000, a year-on-year increase of 21.9%. among them, measuring tools for $2673000000, an increase of 26.4%; small electric tools for $433000000, an increase of 16.1%; wrench for $118000000, an increase of 2.6%; sawing for $234000000, an increase of 35.3%; tool set for $40000000, an increase of 53.8%; pliers for $36000000, an increase of 28.6%; garden tools for $4900000, an increase of 28.9%.
    From the customs statistics is not difficult to find, the traditional hand tools, pliers, wrench products to saw class represented by overseas buyers still favored, maintained at around 20% growth rate is also proved Chinese manufacturing hand tools products are occupying more and more market space long. Exports of small electric tools, garden tools, tool sets and other products also further growth in major markets in Europe and the United States, that the demand for such products are not due to the impact of the financial crisis and the decrease of these products are the main consumption DIY. The concern is imports, although now the world's largest wrench, pliers manufacturing enterprises almost everywhere in China, but the two products to import amounted to nearly $150000000; gage products is even more so, although there are a number of leading enterprises, there are also a large number of production enterprises in Zhejiang area, 2011 measuring exports was 897000000 US dollars, growth reached 50%, while imports have reached US $2673000000, maintained a high growth rate of 26.4%, measuring individual products trade deficit reached US $1776000000, which in the whole hardware industry also does not see more.
    The personage inside course of study thinks, although China is the world's largest hand tools production base, but the export of multiple tools mainly to OEM, many products are actually produced by domestic enterprises, foreign brands sold back to the domestic market after purchasing labeling. So the domestic tool enterprises in urgent need of branding and channel construction more efforts, to avoid production enterprises make hard money, high profits for foreign brands to make the embarrassing situation. According to the building materials network understanding, enterprises generally reflect in order to do so, want to expand the scale of production is limited by the difficulty in recruiting. But even so, enterprise's profit level is still very low, with the exception of a few large corporate profits can reach 20%, the majority of the profits of the enterprise below 10%. A problem tools business owners generally reflect is bustling with activity for a year, but the money is not much. Investigate its reason, or because the price of the product sells do not go up, more time is at a low level of homogeneous competition. Lack of brand awareness and influence, the lack of sales channels, domestic and international market, the majority of enterprises lack of pricing power of discourse and market control, can only wait for the order to heaven to eat. Of course, these are not easy, may need to be done after quite a long time, we hope that the production enterprises as soon as possible to realize this problem, and gradually improve.
    Also the personage inside course of study thinks, now our enterprises in exports, or to win volume, sales growth in fact did not bring profit rate promotion, is entirely dependent on exports of goods the quantity increase, which may become a hidden danger to restrict development of the industry. Especially now that the competitiveness of Taiwan tools, India tool in the international market also gave us the enterprise caused great pressure.


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